Positive Affirmations – Mental Health Monday

Happy Monday! It’s a new week, full of possibility and opportunity. Or, if you’re like me, you’re just feeling tired, ha. I wanted to start a new little series where on Mondays we take the time to talk mental health, because your physical health and mental health are intertwined. I have always loved what a good positive affirmation has brought to the table for me, and maybe, they can do the same for you!

Mental health is something that EVERYONE needs to get used to talking about more openly. We are super comfortable talking about having a cold, or asthma, or other physical illnesses, but so many of us are living with mental health concerns. If we all could open up just a little, we could all feel just a little bit less alone. Even if you don’t feel like it applies to you, I can guarantee that it is affecting someone in your life. Being a little more candid with how we are feeling and doing can seriously help others, and maybe even yourself.

So, What Even is a Positive Affirmation?

When you’re having a bad day, negative emotions can creep into your mind quite easily. It’s really easy to feel pretty crappy when your mind isn’t showing you any love, and, in turn, your health and wellbeing can take a nose dive.

Positive affirmations are a way to combat those nasty thoughts that can take over your mind. They help to lift you up, clear out all the negative, and get you back on the right path. They remind you what you bring to the table, and who you really are. All the negativity gets kicked to the curb, and the positive brings you back to where you need to be.

What Are Some Positive Affirmations I Can Use?

Your positive affirmation is totally up to you! It can be tailored to fit whatever you need that day, or everyday for that matter. I pretty much have meditated on the same idea for about 5 years now (all about being healthy, happy and calm!) and you can always change it to be whatever you need that day.

Some pretty generic and good for everyone affirmations are;

  • I am capable
  • I am enough
  • I can do it (seriously though, sometimes you need that push!)
  • I am strong
  • I am confident

Ad nauseam. It really is a personal choice for you to make. I can tell you though, adding one to my life has seriously helped me on the bad days to push through!

How Do You Even Use a Positive Affirmation?

Positive affirmations are great tools for meditation! This means that you can use them anywhere, at any time, when you need them! That’s what makes them the best to me; they’re simple to use at any time.

For me, I like to repeat my affirmation a few times mentally when things start to get hairy. You can write it, think it, say it aloud, whatever works for you. Positive affirmations really are personal to each person, down to how you use them to influence how you think. I used to write mine in my planner so I would see them everyday in writing, as another reminder.

Have you ever used a positive affirmation? Do you think they would be helpful for you? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Monday!



Does at Home Teeth Whitening Actually Work? My Smile Brilliant Review + Giveaway

Smile Brilliant has sponsored this post. All opinions are exclusively my own. Thank you!

The first thing that I notice about a person is their smile. I think that this is pretty common for other people too; a brilliant smile really can make all the difference in your appearance. So, naturally, when Smile Brilliant reached out to work together, I was super pumped.

Most people seem to want to whiten their teeth because they love coffee, wine, or tea. For me, I had a totally different reason. I wear lipstick just about every day, and when you wear lipstick, EVERYONE looks at your teeth. Some shades even make your teeth look more yellow. Obviously having less than white teeth limits my shade range that I can play with.

I really have shied away from those shades, because, before my Smile Brilliant treatments, I had pretty average, yellowish shade teeth. Nothing horrible, but not as bright as they could be. I always wanted to try to branch out and be the person who wears a red lip, but it always made me self-conscious.

The options for whitening from my dentist were way out of my price range. I’m currently a student, so income can be limited at times while I only work part time. That being said, a treatment through my dentist went on the back burner, as it could cost an entire paycheck for me or more.

The really cool thing about Smile Brilliant is that it is so much more affordable than the options that I get through my dentist, with the same awesome results. I can whiten at my own pace, and still see amazing changes in my smile. So, without further ado, here is my total review on the Smile Brilliant whitening system.

Making my Smile Brilliant Trays

When you first receive your package in the mail, you get all of your whitening and desensitizer gels, and also, a kit to make your impressions so you can get your trays made! One really cool thing about the Smile Brilliant system is that you get to have custom fit dental trays made, by using easy to make impression materials at home.

This is one thing that totally made me nervous.

I grew up with braces, and really detested the idea of impressions. They made me choke, and left me with this feeling of panic, because at times, they can make you feel like you aren’t able to breathe.

However, these impressions were SO MUCH EASIER! You mix two putties together, shape the putty, and put it into the tray. Press into your top and bottom teeth, wait three minutes, and tada! Your impressions are good to go! You drop them in the prepaid envelope and drop them in the mail. Super simple and easy!

One little bit of advice while doing your impressions is to keep some paper towels nearby. For me, I was a total mess because sitting with a tray in your mouth tends to make you drool like a total baby. Other than that, it was really simple!

The Smile Brilliant Whitening System

After around a week, my trays were back! Once your trays come back, that’s when the real whitening experience can begin!

Each treatment can last from 45 minutes to three hours, depending on your level of sensitivity. For my first day, I started with an hour’s worth of whitening. I didn’t experience too much sensitivity, but there was a little bit of a sting. You are lifting away years worth of stains, so it’s expected!

A trick you can use is to coat your gums with coconut oil to protect them from the gel. After your treatment, you do get to use a desensitizing gel that helps to calm your gums. It feels great even if your sensitivity levels were on the low side.

I saw differences in my smile after the first treatment, and every treatment since has been a total treat. It’s so much fun to get to see how your smile changes every day! My friends and family have been amazed at how much my smile has brightened up over the past few weeks. Getting compliments on my smile has been amazing too!

If you’re interested in trying Smile Brilliant, you should enter my giveaway and try it out yourself! You can enter here to win $149 in credit to Smile Brilliant and get your bright smile on! They are also offering a coupon code for my readers, worth 15% off! To redeem, enter code “emilyswins15” at checkout for a sweet deal!

I want to extend a gigantic thank you to the team over at Smile Brilliant for reaching out and working with me on this project! I have had so much fun and seriously, I love my new smile! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all!

As always, have a happy Monday and an amazing week!



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