Finally Goodnight! Better Sleep is Within Reach!

We all know I’m a massively anxious person. That’s no where near a secret at this point. I run on nervous energy and somehow manage to survive. A few years back, I found myself living with next to no sleep. I was okay for a little, and then my health fell through the floor. It took this all happening to realize that I needed better sleep. Who would have known. People aren’t meant to run on 2 hours of sleep a night!

To everyone around me, this was painfully obvious, but sleep was eluding me, which probably helped in making me think that this was a normal and okay way to live. Cover up the dark circles with a heavy concealer and dealt with it.

After a couple months of wresting with my routine, I found the things that WORKED to get me to actually sleep. Then I saw that it is so common to struggle with sleep because of stress, work, or anything else. So, I figured I would share my tips and tricks, products that help, and my opinions.

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Products for Better Sleep

The first step to getting that much needed rest is blocking out the light that might be disrupting your sleep schedule. You can block out the light as best as you can, but I prefer a sleep mask to help truly block out the light. You can check out this travel sleep mask as well!

Better Sleep

I received these two masks at a discount in exchange for my review! I totally recommend these to help you get those extra zzz’s! They’re both silk, so they’re soft against your skin and cool to the touch. I wish they came in more colors though, because I would love a bright pink or pastel purple one for my bedside stand!

Another thing that I live for when trying to sleep is some white noise. White noise comes in a wide variety, and helps to relax you while you’re getting to sleep. That being said, having a speaker to play it through makes it more comfortable than sleeping with headphones in. Plus, if you sleep with a partner, they may also like the white noise too! I find it super relaxing personally, and love it, especially when I travel.

Ancord has been super sweet in sending me one their speakers to try! I have used ancord’s speakers for the last few months and have been blown away by the quality that you get for the tiny price.

This orange speaker is perfect for white noise, then tossing in your bag and using all day long. It’s waterproof, so you can take it to the pool or on a bike ride with you! There is a strap attached so you can hang it anywhere. Like I said, the sound is pretty amazing for what you pay.

Another speaker I love is also from Ancord! This tiny gold speaker is perfect for travel, and would be so helpful for white noise in a hotel room. Sleep gets so difficult when you travel, and this can help to drown out all those strange sounds. 

Aromatherapy is another way to get some extra relaxation in and help you sleep more soundly. Specifically, lavender is a scent that helps so many people get to sleep!

I use an aromatherapy spray on my pillow and sheets before settling in. This spray on amazon has great reviews and would be perfect for cuddling in at night. A few spritz here and there, and you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to get some much needed rest.

Tips & Tricks for Better Sleep

As painful as it may be, parting with your phone a bit before sleep is a great way to settle. The blue light that your phone gives off helps to KEEP you awake, even when you want to sleep!

Also, a great weighted blanket makes a WORLD of difference. The weight on your body helps you to relax and feel more secure (just like a hug!). There are loads of shops on etsy that sell customized blankets just for your height and weight. I would HIGHLY suggest checking them out and supporting a small business in the mean time!

You can also try guided meditation before sleep. My sister is obsessed with guided meditation and there are tons of apps to help you meditate. Headspace is a big favorite!

Do you have any tricks to help your sleep? Share in the comments below!



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Apartment Essentials – Touches to Make Your Space Truly Yours!

After a year of living in my school apartment, I would consider myself a connoisseur of sorts of home decor (big joke there!). However, I DID get a handle on the things that made my apartment feel more like my space. Therefore, MY apartment essentials. And trust me, they’re probably not the same as everyones. My personal style is some sort of mix of strange, retro, pink, and cute. It makes no sense, but that’s what makes the space my own.

In honor of moving back to my little corner of the world next month, I wanted to share my apartment essentials that help to make my space my own. These are little pieces that won’t break a budget, but do bring a little personality to a space. I live in an apartment that I can’t paint, so style has to come from other places!

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Living Space Apartment Essentials

Ah, my living space. My theme for my living space last year was video games and super heroes, but these little choices helped to bring my space back to normal so I didn’t seem like a totally strange person. Not sure how much it worked (lol!), but the space really was what I wanted it to be.
First thing a space needs is a good rug if you don’t have carpeting. Even if you do, a fluffy rug can help to make the space more comfortable and warm. I love my little carpets because I have linoleum flooring, which gets chilly during the winter. Plus, you can get carpets in fun colors and prints, which helps you to personalize your space more, especially when you can’t paint.

Next, you need lighting! I love “fairy lights” or string lights to help bring some soft light in. My apartment has lighting already, but it can be a bit dark once the sun goes down. I run mine along the the wall near the ceiling, and plug them in once I’m settling in for the night.

The next item is an adorable moon lamp! I was lucky enough to receive this guy at a discount for my review, but seriously, its so cute! I love all the tiny details, the fact that it lights up different colors, and is just a very sweet touch to add to a room. For me, extra light is everything, especially when you live in a space as dim as mine.

The lamp gives off a gentle glow, which would go perfectly with some string lights. While it isn’t strong enough to light up an entire space, it would also be great as a nightlight for a child or a cute conversation piece for a living space. Mine will take its place of honor right next to my bed.

Kitchen Apartment Essentials

Having my own kitchen and place to cook at school, finally, is such a treat. I lived for two years at school on dining plans, and now getting to grocery shop and cook my own meals is perfection.
I have to say, I love my pyrex more than anything. Storing food in glass is so much healthier than plastic, easier to clean, and can help you cut down on waste! I like to use these in my lunch box to substitute for plastic bags, since they are single use and then thrown away. They’re good for literally everything, and, super affordable. If you take good care of them, they’ll last pretty much forever too!

An awesome blender is the best addition! A good blender makes for yummy breakfasts, snacks, and more! I make tons of smoothies in mine, which is a great way to get in your fruits and veg in a flash! Cut up your fruit ahead of time, freeze in individual bags, and just grab one when you feel like having a smoothie! Frozen fruit is also inexpensive in my area, so you can try out different ready made blends!

This is the #1 lifesaver that I had in my apartment. Getting an electric grill helps me to make so many healthy meals with quick clean up. Plus, you can make ahead grilled chicken or other meat ahead of time, and just warm up the next day for a simple and easy meal! I love anything that makes my life easier, so this is a no brainer.

Bathroom Apartment Essentials

Finally, my own bathroom! Sharing a bathroom with tons of strangers and other students is DIFFICULT, but now that I have my own space, I can decorate to my hearts content.

I have this cute shower curtain, and it helps dress up the space so much! A curtain is an easy way to bring your personality to a bathroom, even if you can’t paint! They come in all colors, patterns, pretty much whatever you want.

No boring soap dispensers allowed! There are tons of dispensers to match any color palette or design! I love this cute cute strawberry one, because its just so sweet. Plus, you can fill them with whatever soap you like!

Do you have anything that is an essential for your living space? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Sunday!


Return to Basin White – Luxury Shopping at Disney’s Grand Floridian

Ah, Basin White. One of my favorite little spots in the entire Walt Disney World Resort. I am always down for a trip to the Grand Floridian to try out all of their scrubs, soaps, and bath products. In the past (on a now long gone blog) I shared my trip and they even reached out and sent me some treats! Since then, I’ve certainly learned a bunch about writing, and decided that I would love to do a little do over of that post. Hence, return to Basin White.

Where Can I Find Basin White?

As a frequent Disney visitor, I’ve learned a fair amount about cute little spots to hang out at or visit. I love getting to see all the resorts that are along the monorail, but the Grand Floridian is certainly the best along the route.

The hotel itself is gorgeous, has an amazing quick service if you need a quick bite, and has tons of comfy couches on to crash after a long day hiking around the parks. However, my absolute favorite part of the Grand is Basin White.

Basin White is a little shop on the second floor that is immediately to your left when entering the building from the monorail. It has an adorable windowed facade that matches the hotel itself, and is stocked full of tons of bath bombs, shower bars, and super lovely cast members.


Seriously, its the most lovely little shop.

My mother and I like to go and try the scrubs, then follow up with the matching lotion. My personal favorite is anything in the Lemon Sugar scent (delicious!). They pretty much have anything you could possibly need bath wise while in Disney, plus more.

This trip, I picked up a tub of Lemon Sugar Body Butter, a spearmint scented lip balm, and a bar of soap with a rainbow that they had special for pride month. It always feels like a super special treat getting to shop around and see what new things I want to try on my trips.

So, What Can I Get at Basin White Exactly?

Basin White offers pretty much anything you could ever need for a comfy, lovely bath. They have bath bombs, salts, scrubs, shampoo bars, and more. They even have ready made gift baskets for you to take with you! All of their products are online so you can check them out here. My one bit of advice would be to make sure that you keep your goodies in a checked bag instead of your carry on. Some of the items exceed the maximum amount of liquid that you can have in a bag, and you don’t want to have to throw it away! This stuff is so luxe and you’re going to seriously fall in love, just like I have.

What is in Basin White’s Products?

You can shop with a clear mind because all of Basin’s products are cruelty free! Products are also free of any alcohols, mineral oils, or parabens, and are made in the United States! To me, that a win-win! Ethically sourced and produced products are super important, so I am so happy that one of my favorite brands shares the same views.

Have you ever visited a Basin White or Basin location? What’s your favorite way kind of bath products to relax with? Let me know in the comments below!


Hey July! June Favorites & Loves

I don’t know about you, but June flew by way too fast. The weather got beautiful, I got to spend so much time outside soaking up the sun, and best of all, got to visit Disney World! Posts about my trip are coming soon, but first, I need to share my June favorites!

I love getting to wrap up my month and think about everything good that came my way. Getting to reflect makes me all the more grateful, and this month is no different! I had so many lovely things happen, and I have so many new products to share that I have fallen in love with!

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and make a purchase, I may be compensated at no additional cost to you. This helps my blog to keep running, me writing, and content flowing! Thank you for your love and support! 

Lifestyle June Favorites

I know that I’ve mentioned it before, but a good portable charger goes a really long way. I took this one to Disney with me, and didn’t have to charge it up ONCE! I charged it before I left, and there is STILL a charge left on it. Amazing! These are serious lifesavers, even to keep in your everyday bag. I wouldn’t leave home without one!

Ah, an item I didn’t think that I would really ever need, but now do! Since Apple decided to ditch the headphone jack on my phone (why? Not quite sure.) I have been loving this little guy so I can charge my phone while also playing music in my car! They’re on the inexpensive side too, which makes it all the more worth it!

Beauty June Favorites

Ah, these sprays make a reappearance. After my trip to Florida, my skin was DEAD and not having it. Between the sun, the layering of sunscreen day after day, and the lack of moisturizer, my skin was in a rut. These sprays CONTINUE to be the best thing that has ever happened to my skin.

These glosses are my entire life at this point. While my skin needed a serious pick-me-up, so did my lips. They were pretty much tortured with days upon days of matte lipsticks, sun, heat, and more. When I got home, I was looking at a sad state of affairds.

The strange thing about these glosses is that I actually prefer to wear these to bed. They are really gorgeous if you’re into wearing glosses (I’m not a big gloss girl!) but I like to let these work their magic while I’m sleeping. Somehow, someway, these manage to totally resurface my lips while I’m sleeping, leaving me with a great little canvas to use in the morning. I’m someone who likes to wear a matte lip on the daily, so it helps a ton!

I. Live. For. My. Lay and Go Cosmo!!  These bags are the coolest and easiest way to pack up your cosmetics when they’re on the go. My mother got me one for Christmas and I have loved it for toting my cosmetics and small skincare bottles. The bags are soft and cushioned and then cinch up to keep everything contained.

Travel July Favorites

In honor of my recent travel, I decided to share my favorites that got me through those treacherous hours at the airport! I’ll likely be sharing my flight anxiety tips and tricks soon (I HATE flying!) but these items definitely helped to make me a little more comfortable.This Pusheen Travel Pillow  net me so many compliments while I was walking the terminal! It is hands down the best travel pillow I have ever owned, the fabric is soft, and the pillow itself isn’t overly firm to the point where you feel low key paralyzed. This also fit through the handle on my backpack perfectly, so I was pretty hands free for the entire journey.

Ah, the return of the S’well bottle. I have put these in many of my previous favorites because I am obsessed with staying hydrated! I brought my (empty) bottle through security, filled up once I was finished with the TSA and ta-da! Saved about $4 for a plastic bottle of water on the plane! I hate paying the jacked up prices on a flight, and this is a good way to get ahead of the swing, and it is always nice to have a bottle with you while you travel! It is pretty easy to not drink enough fluids while you travel, leaving you feeling pretty gross. So, bring your own along, and say money AND stress!

I am so happy that when I traveled that I downsized my large wallet into a small Vera Zip Wallet. I was able to keep everything I needed handy, without worrying about my somewhat expensive wallet being lost, dirty, or stolen. It fit all my cards, has a window for your I.D. and can easily be slipped in just about any bag. Love!

That’s all I have for my June favorites this month! What did you fall in love with this month? Anything incredible you found!? Let me know in the comment section below. I love to try new things, and would love to see if your favorites could become mine too!

Happy 4th of July to you and yours!


Fireworks Dessert Party Review – Disney World Travel

Another summer means another family vacation to Walt Disney World! In our family, trips to Disney are pretty commonplace. We love getting together and all driving down to Florida, camping out at a campsite, and spending some time in the parks. A new tradition that my mother and I have started is every year we visit a fireworks dessert party.

So, what is a fireworks dessert party? It’s pretty simple; it’s an extra experience you can have at the Walt Disney World Resort that might make your visit a little more special. It does come with a price tag, however; $79 for adults and $47 for each child that attends. For us, it’s usually just the two of us, so its worth the little bit of money to get to have a special experience.

When you arrive, you are seated at a table that you have until the end of the fireworks display. They also have another party that happens simultaneously where you are escorted to the courtyard to watch the fireworks. That option is slightly cheaper, with similar desserts. I’ve done both parties, but today I’m just working on covering the Tomorrowland Terrace seating option.

They also offer a massive array of desserts; cupcakes, macarons, and cookies! They also have sparkling apple juice, a marshmallow roasting station, and a section for sundaes. Cast members are present to help you decorate your own cookie, brownie, or rice crispy treats.

Once you find your table, you’re free to browse all the amazing little bite sized treats! There is something for everyone, and you are encouraged to visit the buffet as many times as you would like. They also offer lemonades, a coffee station, and water bottles.

Each table is decorated with a table cloth and a lantern, making the experience feel even more special for those attending.

Once the show begins, guests are welcome to move their chairs to make sure they have the view that they want. The show is beautiful, and honestly, one of my favorite ones I’ve seen to date. The view from the terrace is also lovely, and you have plenty of room to move around. One of the issues when viewing the fireworks is the insane crowds, so staying on the terrace ensures you’ll have plenty of space while watching the show.

Once the show concludes, we were encouraged to help ourselves to the remaining treats, and finished our night out in the Magic Kingdom with a few last rides.

Overall, I plan on attending the Fireworks Dessert Party next year when we return to the parks for our vacation. I think that the value is justified for the event, and it really does feel special. The desserts are delicious, the cast members are great, and the view is beautiful.

Have you had a trip to Disney World? What was your favorite part? Let me know in the comments below!