August favorites are here! Everything I loved in the last month!

August Favorites – What I Loved Last Month!

Another month has come and gone by in a flash! August was a blur for me; settling into a new job, moving, and more. Now that September is here, I’m excited for all to come this month, and tons of pumpkin EVERYTHING! Before then, I have to discuss all my August favorites! Every month, I recount all my favorite things I discovered in the month. It’s a great way to reflect back on the month and be grateful!

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August Favorites – Beauty Items

So, I bought the Too Faced Primed and Poreless powder on a whim while having my brows brought back to life at the Benefit brow bar. I’m a total sucker for a pretty packaged product, and this pastel compact definitely caught my eye. I decided to take a chance on it, because I didn’t really have any sort of finishing powder in the arsenal, and this one was supposed to kill two birds with one stone, as a primer as well.

This powder is the smoothest consistency I have felt in my life. When I pat this into my skin, my face feels like porcelain because it is THAT smooth. My makeup goes on like a total dream when I use this powder, and I’ve been using it so much that I’m already starting to see the outline of the pan. Total love!

Cheap, cheap, cheap, but well worth the money! I am in love with my Brush Egg! It makes cleaning my brushes so much easier, quicker, and my brushes ACTUALLY get clean. I know so many people who neglect their brushes and let them collect gunk (so much bacteria, yikes!) and with this guy (literally $1) you can scrub all that out on the weekly and start fresh with new brushes. Forever a favorite in my heart.

I’m sure you’ve already seen all the hype around the Norvina Palette from ABH, but really, it’s worth it. This one really feels like Modern Renaissance, and is really worth the money in my opinion! The shadows are really soft and easy to work with, blend easily, and the shades are really unique.

August Favorites – Fashion Finds

I very recently have fallen in love with anything pastel, and this stretchy dress covered in sweets is AMAZING! The material is thick (no see through spots!) and is perfect to twirl in. They come in a massive range of colors and sizes, and have variants with capped sleeves! I really think the print is fun and quirky, and I can’t wait to wear this dress out and about. So cute!

Fun hats are a must when you’re in the sun! This cute hat was sent to me to review, and I really love it! The lettering is embroidered on really nicely, and it’s perfect for keeping the sun off of my face! Plus, who doesn’t love a rosé moment? I’m sad the days for wearing this are winding down, but this will be perfect for my next beach getaway!

Did you have anything that really stuck out for you in the last month? Hopefully next month I’ll have more faves, I was super busy this month with moving and didn’t have a ton of time to shop!

Happy Friday!

xoxo Em


Do Planners Help Reduce Anxiety? – Mental Health Monday

It’s no secret that I have been an anxiety ridden person pretty much since I was a kid. Since I’ve lived this life for quite sometime, I’ve picked up on the things that make me feel a little more at ease and more organized. When heading into this new school year, I had one big question; Do planners help reduce anxiety?

While a few searches didn’t yield any official studies on whether or not that is the case, I can attest to my personal experiences. If I can plan out my week on paper, I know what to expect. When I know what to expect, I tend to feel better. Easy as pie, right? Sometimes, I suppose. Anxiety can be an unpredictable illness to live with, but having the things you can predict down on paper can be a big help to me personally.

For me, there’s more than a few factors that go into my selection of the *perfect* planner. Paper planner? Online planner? There seems to be a literal ocean of choices. My sister actually reached out to me within the last week about which planner to get, because there are so many options out there to pick from. There is a perfect planner out there for you, you just have to dig around and search for the best possible option for you.


Where Can I Find the Perfect Planner?


This is a bit of a loaded question. You can scour the internet for planners, search all of amazon, and still come up on the empty handed side. One big deal about picking your planner is needing to be able to see the setup on the inside. Sure, there are tons of cute looking planners, but if there is nowhere to write all your lovely information, what’s the point?

Planners come in a number of different formats. Monthly planners, daily planners, calendars, some planners will hold recipes. There are literally endless options. My best suggestion on the planner search is to go out to a craft store or book store, and get your hands on some to see what they are like. Believe it or not, there are so many little details that can make it all easier to use in the long run.

I pick my planner up at Michael’s. They also have a ton of stickers, planner pens, and other things you might want there. You can be as minimalistic or as zany as you’d like! That’s half the fun I think! I like to decorate my planner with stickers, little markers for school project due dates, and special stickers for doctor’s appointments and other events.



Above is my current planner! I love all the fun colors, the tabs for each month, and all the space! Plus, the rings on the side that bind the pages together are very sturdy! I plan on decorating the planner even further, because there is so much room to decorate and personalize! The back cover is the same print, and again, tons of room to personalize!


How Can I Personalize My Planner?


You can personalize it however you like! I prefer to buy planner sticker packs, because they make decorating a ton easier. I like the Happy Planner sticker packs (look for coupons!) as well as some nice colored pens so I can color code my life all down to a tee. Tons of sellers on etsy also make stickers, and you can buy them for literally anything you could possibly want!



My planner has tons of space to write out everything I need, as well as put cute decorations and stickers! If you run out of space, you can always write over the stickers too. Most of the stickers from Happy Planner are paper, so you never have to worry about decorating too much!

Do I Need A Paper Planner?


Again, it’s up to you! I usually have a paper planner, as well as a google calendar so that I can get away with leaving the paper copy at home when I want to carry a smaller bag. Google calendars can send you notifications before you have due dates, remind you of your appointments. You can also color code everything so you know what everything is at a glance!

How you use your planner is up to you! All I can say is that using my planner has helped to make my life so much more at ease, and I think that it would be good for anyone to try out!

Do you use a planner? Which kind? Let me know in the comment section below!