Let’s Get Outside – Simple, Cost Efficient Outdoor Activities To Try This Spring

If you’re like me, you like winter for about the first month, and then you can’t wait until the sun and warmer weather can return. Where I live, this winter hasn’t been horrible, but, spring can’t come soon enough for me. I want to get outside and spend some days in the sun! However, being in college, I don’t have unlimited funds to spend on outdoor activities. Here are some of my favorite, low cost ideas to try out once spring has sprung.

<$10 Options

  • Go to a driving range. Obviously this requires you to have clubs and a range to go to, but this is one of my favorite things to do when I have time! I’m not very good at golfing (at all), but theres something relaxing about going to the range.
  • Putt Putt! If standard golf isn’t for you, putt putt might be an option that would suit you better. I love getting to go and play putt putt with my family, and usually one round doesn’t carry too hefty of a price tag.
  • Visit a national or state park. This option very well may be free, but some parks charge admission in order to take care of park upkeep and staffing. I grew up going to the parks and there is so much to learn and see!
  • Paint kindness rocks. Your only expense here is paint and sealer, you can pick the rocks up in a local park or along the edge of a lake or stream. This is something I very recently got into, thanks to a professor at school. I felt totally silly painting rocks until I realized how relaxing it was. After you seal the rocks, you leave them for others to find and brighten their day. Your area may have a facebook page that organizes rock painting. For me, the NE Ohio Rocks page is an awesome community for sharing your work, and seeing if anyone finds your rock! It really is a fun activity to try out with kids or to relax with. Plus you could make someone’s day!
  • Go to a drive in movie! I haven’t been to nearly enough drive ins, but every time that I go, its always the best experience and a super fun way to spend time with friends. Bring your own snacks, blankets, and chairs, and you’ll have a fun and inexpensive night!

Free Options

  • Visit a local metro park and have a picnic! I’ve done this a few times in the past and it makes for super photos. Bonus points if you explore some trails too!
  • Go Geocaching! Similar to a modern day treasure hunt, geocaching uses coordinates to guide you to a hidden prize. All you need is a phone, a pen to sign the log, and a good attitude! I’ve personally found over 300, and you’ll be amazed how many are in your community! Just remember to leave the cache hidden as you found it, if not better. You can geocache all year long, not just spring, but I think that spring weather is the most pleasant for days outside!

I hope that some of these ideas get you outside and moving once the weather allows! What is your favorite thing to do in spring? Let me know in the comments below!


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March 2018 Goals and Aspirations – Let’s Do This!

A new month spells for new opportunities and a fresh start. I’ve been clinging to my resolutions since the new year started, but I think that every month is a perfect opportunity to get started on some new goals and become as best as we possibly can.

This month, I want to focus on being the best I can be and working on the aspects of myself that I know could be better. I want to improve a few aspects of myself, from health to overall attitude.

Physical Health Goals

  • 10,000 steps daily. There are so many benefits to walking and getting in the exercise you need daily. It helps physical and mental health, and is one of my favorite ways to destress.
  • Get under the 170 lb mark. I am getting SO CLOSE and can’t wait to hit that milestone. It will be a huge reward to all the work I’m putting in to get healthier and lose weight!
  • Yoga twice a week. I love doing yoga, and it is one of the most relaxing activities that I know. I need to fit it in to my schedule more!

Mental Health/Attitude Goals

  • See the world in a more positive light. After spending the last half a year or so sick, I want to make sure this month that I am facing each day with positivity and energy. Everyday has the potential to be a great one!
  • Take time to slow down. Somedays, I feel like unless I do it all, it’s not enough. I need to take time this month to focus on me, and not letting myself get too overwhelmed.
  • Sleep! This month, I want to try to get 8 hours a night (as much as possible). My outlook and health would greatly benefit from consistent sleep.

Blogging Goals

  • I want to consistently have new content every week, and love what I’m writing each week, too!
  • Instagram! I hope that this month I can grow my Instagram to 7k followers! We’ll see though!

Do you have any goals for this month? Share them with me in the comments below, I would love inspiration for next months goals!


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