What's In My Bag? - Back To College

It's finally that time of year again; time to move back to school and continue on with the struggle of getting my bachelor's degree. I really love school and am about halfway through my degree thankfully, but I seriously love packing up my bag before school starts with all the new notebooks and treats that I picked up for the upcoming year. This year is really great, because I caved and finally replaced my sad, old, backpack! I had been scoping out a fun new backpack for a few months and found one that I really love on amazon. 


I've always really loved the Loungefly and Sanrio so I just about died when I saw that they had a My Melody collab! I picked mine up for about $36 on amazon, and also got a little pom pom to add to my zipper! I know its really in your face for most people, but I really love it. I love the happy print and bright colors!


One thing I won't leave home without when going to class is my laptop. I use it to pull up all my notes, take notes, reply to emails, and just keep up with everything I need to have due. I put all my due dates in my google calendar, and it sends me notifications when everything is due! I have everything synched between my phone and laptop, so I don't miss notifications!


In addition to my calendar on my computer, I also write all my due dates down in a conventional planner. I think that actually writing it down helps me to remember things, plus I also color code everything with my Staedtler pens. They are hands down the best pens I've ever used, and while they do cost a pretty penny to begin with, they're totally worth the cost. I would die without my planner!!

I also bring notebooks to class! While this is pretty obvious, I love to buy a bunch of notebooks at the beginning of the semester and I got a deal on mine! Target has a deal that they are currently running with 4 notebooks for $3, so go stock up if you need them! I purchased 8, and that should be enough to get me through the fall semester. 


On top of all my pens, I also like to carry some pencils. They're great for my notes, and sharing with people who forget theirs! I always stock up so I can share and because I always lose them throughout the semester. I also have a tiny stapler in my pencil bag, because professors tend to be picky with staples on papers!


One new thing I'm packing in my bag this year is an ID holder. In the past, I've lost my ID so many times, and between my work key, room key, and student ID, it can be a lot to try to keep track of all the time. This ID holder has zipper pouches, and also slots to store all my little cards. I'm thinking that this will keep everything together and I won't be late out the door because I can't find my ID!

What's in your purse or bag for classes? Anything you can't live without? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Monday!