Makeup Storage on a Budget - Tips, Tricks & More!

My makeup obsession started to spark a little during my freshman year of high school. Of course, these were the days that I looked like a total mess. My favorite product back then was a eye shadow stick that was pure silver metallic that I would just put all over my lid, sans eyeliner (thank god.) with a little mascara. I thought that I looked AMAZING! Oh well, makeup is and continues to be a huge learning experience for me. 

One thing that I needed to revamp desperately was my organization. I love my makeup, but with the way I was storing it kept me from using the vast majority of it. Lipsticks were buried under others, and it just wasn't the best for me. I spend a fair amount of money and time with my makeup, so I needed a total overhaul. I wasn't interested in spending a scary amount of money however, but I found the ideal solution. Thanks IKEA.

I headed a city over to the closest IKEA to me to scope out the perfect set of drawers. Being IKEA, I knew they would be sturdy, basic, and well within budget. I saw that a bunch of other people had luck with the "Alex" drawer set, so I tried to find them among the other billion sets of drawers. 

The Alex drawer style has several options for you to choose from. I chose the cheapest option ($72) which has 5 drawers. There is also an option that has 9 drawers, and a wider set of drawers with wheels on the bottom. I didn't need wheels or a ton of drawers, so the cheapest option ended up being the best choice for me anyways. 

Hello bright new drawers!

Hello bright new drawers!

It took me a couple hours to put my drawers together, I'm not the best with building things, but it wasn't too bad. The drawers fit perfectly under my desk, which keeps the footprint small. The real fun is all the organization that is inside. 

I went to the dollar store and picked up some small plastic baskets in various sizes to help me sort all my makeup into categories. I didn't spend more than $10 for all my baskets combined, so I think it was a pretty good deal! 

My top drawer has baskets for lipstick, lip gloss, mascara and eyeliner, as well as a tiny basket for my lashes. Behind the basket I stashed away my lip balms that don't get as much use. I never would have guessed how many mascaras that I had before I sorted everything out!

My second drawer has all of my blushes, single eye shadows, and foundations/concealers. The bottom layer of my shadows are all of my baremineral pots, turned upside down so I can see the shades, with my colourpop and various other shadows on top. I also keep my glitters and stila magnificent metals  shadows in that basket as well. 

My favorite drawer is my palette drawer! I keep all of my Urban Decay palettes in their own basket, with all the other palettes stacked around the drawer. I still have tons of room for more palettes in the future and don't have to worry about them falling on the floor anymore. 

My bottom two drawers tend to hold all of my more practical items. This drawer has baskets for skincare products, hand sanitizers, perfume samples and hair care samples.


My last drawer has all of my nail polishes, face masks, and hair ties. I still have some room on the side of the drawer for extra storage in the future!

I would totally recommend using some sort of basket to sort and organize makeup, or at least a small acrylic box if your collection is smaller. The more you organize, the more you'll be able to see and use the products you spend money on!

Another tip for storage is using cute mugs as brush storage! This allows the brushes to dry after use, and is really affordable. I use my favorite mugs to store my brushes, and they add a cute touch to my desk. I sort my brushes into three categories: face, eye, and all over powder. This helps me get ready quicker in the morning, because I'm not wasting time hunting for my favorite brush!

I also like to organize the hair care products that I use most often in a small cart next to my desk. I got my cart from IKEA, but I've seen similar carts at Target for about $30. I use the top tier to hold hair ties, hair products, medications, and pretty much everything else that I reach for on a regular basis.

The second tier of the cart houses all of my lotion and perfumes. I didn't realize how much perfume and lotion I had until I sorted everything out. Now I can use everything more often! 

The bottom tier of my cart mostly has hair bows and headbands, along with makeup bags that I'm not currently using. I love to keep a stash of bags because they are awesome for organization when I travel or for in my bag.

How do you organize your makeup? Have any amazing tricks? Share in the comments below!