Holiday Beauty - Kat Von D's Saint + Sinner Palette

I had email alerts, stalked Sephora, and makeup authorities for this palette. As soon as Kat released her video with the swatches and packaging, I knew that this palette had to be mine. It's limited edition too; which left me a little nervous because I knew that I wanted to get my hands on it before the season was over and the release was done. But finally, this baby has arrived, and she's simply GORGEOUS. 

The palette follows up the rerelease of her Saint and Sinner perfumes. She released a Saint lipstick in a limited quantity, and this is one of the many holiday releases that I am all sorts of excited about. Hopefully I'll snag a few other sets this season and that I'll hopefully get to share them with you all! 


The packaging on these palettes is something else. Like all of her packaging, the designs and text on all of Kat's products have been drawn up by her herself. I am totally blown away by how stunning this palette is. It feels so heavy, study and has two mirrors on the inside. I'll likely leave this palette out on my desk, just because it is so so beautiful. 


The palette has an assortment of types of shadows; mattes, shimmers, glitter and satin finishes. The shadows themselves are so soft and lean towards a creamier consistency, the color payoff is unreal. I didn't really like Kat's pastel palette that came out earlier this year because the shadows seemed so weak, but these shadows are super pigmented and easy to work with. The shades are over the top unique and I can't wait to try them out over the next couple months for the holidays and fall seasons. 


The saint portion of the palette has more conventional shades with a few glitters thrown in. This is going to play more as everyday shades, with gentle shades that can be build for more impact. These shades are perfect for school or going too work. 


The sinner side of the palette has more unique and punchy shades. The shades on this side are so unique and off the wall. Usually my palettes have shades that are in other palettes, but some of the shades on this side I have never had in a shadow. I love that I'm going to get to play with some new shades this season!

Do you plan on picking up some holiday sets or collections this year? I really hope that other brands put out products this amazing!

Happy Monday!

XOXO Emily