Drugstore Highlighters - Hits and Misses


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I am totally obsessed with anything and everything related to highlighters. I discovered them a couple months back and I have no idea how I've gone so long without using one. I love the little extra sparkle a good highlight can add to my face and brighten up my makeup. While I've tried out and fallen in love with Becca's line of highlight products, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try out some drugstore products and see what works, and what doesn't.


Shop Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid Here!

I wanted to start out with the hits, and Maybelline's Master Strobing Liquid is so intense and blendable that its almost unreal. I was a little intimidated by a liquid highlighter, but once I bounced my beauty blender on this highlight it blended in seamlessly with a subtle shimmer. The glow is totally build able, so if you like a more intense highlight (I know I do), this one might be a good one for your arsenal. It's super easy to work with, and they have three different shades for different skin tones. I'm super fair, and the shade "light" worked really well for me.


Shop Physician's Formula Highlighter Here!

Physician's Formula's highlighter was another that really worked with my skin tone. This formula was a bit more sheer, and less intense than the Maybelline liquid, with a bit more of a glittery look as well. I liked that this came with its own tiny brush for the product, and the product itself is so pretty. It's also pretty blendable, and you can build up the product for a more intense shimmer. I've reached for this one more than the liquid, especially for days at work because the shimmer is really pretty and wearable.


Shop Wet n Wild Highlighter in "Precious Petals" Here!

The draw back to the new line of Wet n Wild highlights is that they don't really offer a lighter colored product. However, I saw so many people trying these, and the product itself is so pretty that I picked up both colors. The formula on these is super creamy, smooth, and really blends nicely. While these did not work with my skin tone, on ladies with warmer skin tones, and mocha skin tones, these would be seriously gorgeous. The golden tones would really look strange on my cheekbones, but I really look forward to using these as eye shadows. 


Shop Wet n Wild Highlighter in "Crown of My Canopy" Here!


Shop Loreal Infallible in "Always Pearly Pink" Here!

I really can't believe that I've never tried out the Loreal Infallible single shadows. I feel like these have been around forever, and I always have passed them up in the aisle. I saw a couple other bloggers using this as a highlighter, so I picked it up and I am in love.  The formula on these little shadows is like a cross between a normal powdered shadow and a cream, so they go on so so smooth and creamy and blend out so nicely. I really can't wait to buy more metallics for my eyes, and use this shade as a really pretty shimmer on my cheekbones.

And now for a total miss..


I really wanted to like this product from Rimmel. It looks so pretty in the package and like it would be so pretty as a highlight. I brought it home and when I went to swatch it, the shadow almost crumbled when I dragged it across my wrist. It wasn't smooth at all; it was nothing but chunks of glitter everywhere. No color payout, tons of fall out, I might actually toss this one in the trash. I can't really imagine this working as much of anything, much less as a natural looking highlight. I'd pass this one up the next time browsing the makeup aisle, the formula on these is just really strange.

What's your favorite highlighter from the drugstore? I'd love to try more.

Happy Monday!