Another month has come and gone and with it, it brings so many new products and treats that I’m loving! Getting to choose favorites are a great way to reflect back on the month, what I did, and the things that I came to acquire. April brought so many nice surprises!

While the weather has been on the gross side, April has been both great and difficult for me. School is coming to a close (yay!) but so far the weather hasn’t warmed enough to start getting spring clothes. I can’t wait for spring dresses, no more coats, and sandals!

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April Style Favorites

I bought this cactus dress for a presentation last month, and I have fallen in love! It was super affordable, comfortable, and cute! I can be picky about lengths of dresses, and this one was perfect, hitting just above the knee. It is perfect for work, going out to dinner, or in my case, student presentations! For around $30, it doesn’t get much better than this dress.

I’m a little obsessed with anything with hamsa, so I love this Alex and Ani Hamsa Bangle! I love how easy bangles are to wear, the pretty sounds they make when they jingle on the arm, and how you can wear as many as you’d like. They’re an easy and really fun way to add personality to an outfit without breaking the bank.

April Lifestyle Favorites

I finally got my hands on another Happy Planner! I’ve felt all over the place as of late, so I wanted a paper planner that I could record my thoughts and appointments in. I’m purchasing it at the end of the semester ironically, but I just want a solid place that I can reference. Of course, I have a digital planner in my phone, but nothing is better than having a hard copy you can toss in your bag with you.Tervis cups and bottles have always been a favorite of mine, but I have fallen back in love with them this month! They’re pretty much indestructible, keep your drink cold all day, and help you to cut down on the number of disposable bottles you use. I keep a cup or tumbler with me at all times so I don’t need to buy water, I can just either fill up at the tap or a water fountain. A money saver, and good for the environment. This hydrangea patterned tumbler is really beautiful!

April Beauty Favorites

I recently started to use Deva Curl Products to wash and condition my hair, and I love them! Their products are great for people who have naturally curly hair, with a moisturizing conditioner and a no lather shampoo. In addition, their products smell delicious and I am totally addicted.

I will forever be obsessed with Mario Badescu Facial Sprays and all the different scents that they come in! My favorite is rose water, and its perfect for this time of year where the weather is changing rapidly and your skin might take a hit. They’re inexpensive, and perfect to toss in your bag!

What were your favorite things you found this last month? Check out March’s Favorites for more great products!

Let me know if you found anything great this month in the comments below!


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30 comments on “April Favorites – What I’m Loving This Spring!”

  1. April went by so quick, I can’t believe it’s May! I love that cactus dress – you’ll be able to wear that a lot with the warmer weather now!

  2. I have needed a new planner! This one is fantastic. I absolutely hands down LOVE the colors and design. Thanks for the idea!!! 🙂

  3. O i love all the things. The one I want to try out is that facial spray. Ive heard great things about that brand so I wanna use it for myself 😉

  4. I’m loving these looks. I love the style of the dress, have quite a few Alex and Ani bracelets and I am obsessed with tumblers. Great finds!!!

  5. That’s a great idea to share your favourites from the previous month. It can always inspire others to check them out! 🙂 I love the dress, it’s really pretty! 🙂

  6. I have a happy planner too that I got for Christmas this year from my mom. Usually I’d splurge and get an Erin Condren but I actually think the Happy Planner is better (ahhhh!) I’m obsessed with mine!

  7. I have a happy planner too that I got for Christmas this year from my mom. Usually I’d splurge and get an Erin Condren but I actually think the Happy Planner is better (ahhhh!) I’m obsessed with mine!

  8. Im totally with you on the hard copies of a planner! I started bullet journalling a while ago and I use it MUCH more frequently than iCalender. Something about sitting down with paper and pen to organize and make plans just feels more productive to me LOL!

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