Mental health is one of those things that gets thrown under the bus a little too often. Our country as a whole has a bit of an issue with mental health care and perception in my humble opinion, even though mental health is just another facet of health just like everything. Like health itself, self care for mental health is different for everyone. I’m going to share some of my favorite items that help me destress, but remember, as always, yours may be totally different, and that’s okay! The fun part about self care is that it can be tailored to each person for what they need.

That being said, for the most part, self care can be totally FREE. However, I do have some favorite things that help me to make my routine more effective and comfortable. After dealing with anxiety for the upwards of about 10 years now, I feel like I have my routine down to a near science. I would like to note that self care routines are important for everyone, even if you don’t experience any sort of mental health issues or long term anxiety. Everyone experiences stresses and hard times, and taking the time to take care of yourself is more important than you would think. Taking the time to take care can help you to be more productive, happier, and healthier! To me, thats more than worth it.

There are two different types of self care days that I have; ones out and about, and ones relaxing at home. Exercise is one thing that has been proven to help mental health and relieve stress, so that is one of my go to ways to boost my mood. However, a day in sometimes helps me just as much. I’ve divided up my favorites into two categories; on the go self care, and self care night in. I hope that some of these products can help you just as much as they’ve helped me!

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On the Go Self Care

Self care is important, even if you don’t have the time to take a day to complete it! You can always get some self care in on the go, on your lunch break, or when you have a free few minutes!

One thing that I find to be super important is exercise. If any of my family members stumble upon this post, they are probably dying at that statement, but since moving away, it has become so true. Exercise helps to boost up the good feeling chemicals in your body, without any sort of intervention. I don’t really enjoy going to the gym, but I do like to go for long walks around my campus and get some fresh air. One thing that is super important when getting in those steps is having some supportive shoes! My favorite pair are Nike trainers, similar to this pair. It helps keep my feet comfy so I can fit in more steps!

Also important when I go walking, is my Fitbit! It helps me to track my steps, heart rate, and sleep, and even sends me notifications when its been a while since I’ve last moved around. It helps to quantify my steps, so I can try to do around the same amount everyday. It’s suggested that you get around 10,000 steps per day, so its nice to have a definite number! You can also track your foods and water consumption within the app.
Water consumption is another thing that is pivotal to feeling good, and drinking more water is a great way to practice self care daily. I mentioned S’well bottles in my March Favorites but I had to mention them again here. S’well bottles are great for bringing your favorite drinks with you on the go!

Self Care Nights In

Somedays you just need a break! I love days where I have time to slow down and focus on myself and what I need.

While I don’t exactly buy that essential oils can cure all your ailments, I do enjoy diffusing them from time to time to make my space smell lovely and some smells can help me to wind down after a long day. This diffuser would be perfect for a smaller space like my tiny apartment or a bedroom! 

Oh man. These facemasks are some of my favorite I have ever found, but are also so cheap that you can get a bunch ahead of time! They smell lovely, are gentle on skin, and never fail to help me relax. I usually buy about 5 at a time, so I always have one on hand if I need one.

Last but not least is a good weighted blanket. While most do come with a hefty price tag, I would die without mine at this point. It helps me to sleep, relax, and just helps to deal with stress that I hold in my body. Mine has a super soft cover, which makes it all the more lovely!

I hope that some of these treats and tips can help you to relieve some extra stress you may have in your life, or just help you have a relaxing night in. They certainly are my favorites, and maybe they can become favorites of yours too!

Happy Sunday!


39 comments on “Stress Not! 6 Self Care Treats to Help Improve Mental Health & Relax”

  1. I’ve heard so many good things about weighted blanket lately! I had no idea they existed until a month or so ago, but it’s such a smart idea. I totally see how that would be relaxing and comforting.

    I’m with you on the essential oils too. I don’t really buy that they cure all, but they do smell great and a little lavender is definitely relaxing.

  2. Thanks for the awesome advice!! I need to get a Fitbit !!! urgently!!! it is so good to keep track of our activity and improve it every day! 😀

  3. so much yes to this. I find that my Fitbit really motivates me and I try to drink as much water as i can. At night I use my essential oils. I haven’t tried a weighted blanket but I think I will look into this!

  4. Such a great list! And I have that diffuser! It works great. A little lavender and frankincense and I’m a zen mama! Thanks for the post!

  5. I’ve always wanted to try a weighted blanket. I know they suggest them with kids, but I didn’t really realize they were for adults, as well. I can’t sleep without some kind of sheet or blanket so I bet I would like this.

  6. Self care is soooooo important, and I’m realizing that more and more the older I get. I’ve started diffusing some calming oils at night, and what a difference that makes. I also find comfort in some white noise to fall asleep to.

  7. I am currently in an anxiety struggle and totally agree about working out. It helps me so much. Someone just told me about the weighted blanket. I need to check it out!

  8. I need to focus more on self-care! I just got a gym membership after several years and it’s just up the road from my house, so it’s time to start taking care of myself!!

  9. Self Care is so important, probably why it’s a popular topic lately. As women we do so much for everyone else we have to remember to do things for ourselves and make time.

  10. Walking is one of my go-to’s as well. I can feel the stress melt away as my feet hit the pavement. I’ve been hearing good things about weighted blankets too.

  11. I LOVE the idea of the weighted blanket. That’s one I may need to try because I can just imagine how comfortable that must be. I don’t know why but that feeling of just a little extra pressure on the body is so relaxing. I used to love that when I’d get acupuncture.

  12. I surprises me a lot that people still have an issue in talking about mental health because it is a big issue especially right now. For me I don’t have an issue talk to others about it. I do a mask at least once a week to help me meditate.

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