Miscommunications & Happier Days Ahead

My life has changed SUBSTANTIALLY this week. After living gluten free for the last couple months , it came to light that the doctor had not reviewed my tests before going ahead and telling me that it was highly likely I was celiac. Upon looking through the tests, it was really not likely that I was a candidate for celiac. I had one low positive and a negative, and so I decided that I was going to dive back into the gluten filled world head first. And… nothing happened. No illness, no nothing. I felt normal. Whaaat. 

Obviously this was seriously great for me, because I could return to the life that I had known beforehand and my anxiety around food was greatly reduced. I could go out to eat again! Bread! PIZZA!

But, it also was massively disappointing that this had even happened to me. How was it even possible or ethical to tell someone that they were highly likely to have a disease without reviewing the tests? I have no idea. 

I will be clinging to my healthier lifestyle, however, and continuing on my journey with Weight Watchers online. I’m currently down about 14 pounds, and I am so excited for whats to come. Getting back to me is so refreshing and I am feeling so much better now that I’m eating things that are actually nourishing. Yay fruits and veggies!

I am looking forward to sharing my journey with everyone, along with the struggles along the way. 

Much love, 


One thought on “Miscommunications & Happier Days Ahead

  1. Christine says:

    It’s so great that you are living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself. It’s nice that you are writing about your journey. One day you’ll look back on this all and can celebrate your successes once again!

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