All Natural Beauty Essentials with The Beauty Crop

Natural Beauty with The Beauty Crop

I love all things related to beauty, so when products are natural, that’s a total added bonus. So, when The Beauty Crop reached out to collab, I was super excited! I started my blogging journey with a tiny beauty blog, so I thought it would be a fun chance to get back to where I started.

The Beauty Crop is an indie makeup brand that focuses on all natural ingredients, in order to make cosmetics better for you. Around now, you see a ton of stories online and on television about all the harmful ingredients that are in cosmetics, that we are pretty much absorbing in through our skin. Seeing a company that is looking our for my skin is a breath of fresh air!

I recieved these products for free for testing and reviewing purposes. My opinions stated are my own. Theres no point in reviewing a product if you aren’t honest about it!

They sent me four different products to try out: a lipstick, mascara, highlighter, and eyeshadow trio. First things first; the packaging that The Beauty Crop has on their products is ADORABLE. Everything is so colorful, decorative and so pretty that I don’t want to throw them away like I do with my other cosmetics.

Glow Milk Highlighter

First item that I opened up was the Glow Milk. The packaging on this little baby is SO. CUTE. I love that it comes in a little carton, it really is a lovely presentation for the highlighter.

Glow Milk

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use this product as intended because the shade is too deep for my skin tone. Online, it is described as a “champagne” but I think that it leans more bronze in color. I think I will use it as an eyeshadow topper, but as a conventional highlighter it is just too deep for me.

GRLPWR Liquid Lip – Peach Please

Peach Please!They also sent me a liquid lipstick in the shade “Peach Please”. This is probably my favorite item that I received. This lipstick smells so good compared to my other lipsticks, and is so smooth too!

Peach Please

The color goes on so easily and doesn’t need multiple applications to become totally opaque. I like that it also feels soft on the lips too!

3 Amigos Eyeshadow Trio

3 Amigos

This tiny little eyeshadow trio is too cute! Perfect for tossing in a travel bag or your kit. All three neutral colors make for an easy eye look for everyday wear.

3 Amigos

The pigment in the shadows could be better, not going to lie. I’m a little spoiled by my favorite high end shadows, and these take a little more effort than I’m used to. That being said, they still are good shadows to have around and for travel.

Fabulous Flocking Lashes Mascara

MascaraLastly, I received the Fabulous Flocking Mascara! I loved that this mascara came in a tube instead of the standard mascara bottle, it really helps you get all the product from the bottom of the tube!

I also really love the brush on this mascara, it helps to really separate all of my lashes!

The Beauty Crop also gave me a coupon code to share with you all! Use code “EMILYSWINS” to get some cash off of your order (Not an affiliate code, just a coupon!).

Thanks to The Beauty Crop for sending me these products to feature and review! I really had a great time trying them all out.


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Custom Mugs – The Perfect Gift for Dad!

Father’s Day is under a month away! If you’re like me, it can be NEARLY impossible to shop for dad. They either have it all, or you can’t come up with something that you think they’d enjoy and use. I have this problem every single year, but this year, I think I have found the work around! Enter the custom mug!

I received this product at no cost for promotional purposes. This does not affect my opinion on the product and will still be 100% honest. There’s no point in sharing if you’re not being genuine!

Making my Father’s Day Mug!

I teamed up with Presto Photo to make the perfect Father’s Day mug for my step dad! They were kind enough to pay for the mug for me, and I got to play around with their online designer! You can upload your own photos, move them around, choose different templates, and more! It makes gift buying easy and simple, then it’s shipped right to your front door. Easy, right?!

From start to finish, it only took me about 15 minutes to design the perfect mug. I chose some photos from a recent Disney vacation, chose my layout, and BAM! I previewed to make sure everything was perfect, and clicked order.

Shipping was super fast too! My mug came packaged up in foam, with no scratches, chips or other imperfections.

My finished mug! So cute!

So.. How can you make your own mug?

Click here to make your own Father’s Day mug! Follow the instructions, select your shipping, and soon, you’ll have your very own custom Father’s Day gift! Also, you can use code BONUSCARDS if your order is more than $15 to get 5 free cards! Two birds, one stone!

A big, big, big thank you to Presto Photo for sending me my mug. I am so excited to gift it!

Looking for other gift ideas for dad? Check out my post about other Father’s Day gift ideas! 

What’re you planning on getting dad this year? Maybe just taking him out for a nice dinner, helping around the house, or something else unique? Share in the comments below!

Thank you for stopping by!


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Self Care on the Cheap – Low or No Cost Ways to Encourage Better Mental Health

It seems that recently self care has become more and more of a hot button topic. I recently was browsing facebook and saw a post about how self care isn’t all “bath bombs and face masks” and that had me feeling some sort of way. As someone who (loudly and proudly) talks about how important mental health is, I love self care. It can seriously make a massive difference in your outlook and life if you suffer from anxiety, depression, and other related ailments.

Self care is a personal and unique experience for each person. That somewhat shady post had me a little sad, as the person who loves a good bath bomb or skincare after a bad day. But I was missing what the post was getting at all together; that self care doesn’t have to be expensive, and in some cases, won’t cost you a penny. No shame in your game if your self care routine involves bath and skincare products, though.

Low Cost Self Care Ideas

  1. Go for a day trip to a near by city or town. Explore the area, take photos, maybe stop at a cafe or restaurant or snack. Getting some steps in will help you to feel a little better!
  2. Get your nails done. This one is a little more pricey, but this is one of my favorite things to do when I feel gross!
  3. Get some ice cream! Totally soothes all wounds
  4. Have an at home spa day. Get some face masks from the store, put on some comfy clothes and have a day in. Ah, relaxation.
  5. Cook a new recipe. Just immersing yourself in a new recipe and focusing on cooking can lift you up. Plus, a healthy meal makes everyone feel good inside!
  6. Grab a coloring book and have at it. I love spending some time with some colored pencils and a nice picture, it helps so much to clear my mind.

No Cost Self Care Ideas

  1. Go for a walk! Studies have shown that exercise can help you lift your spirits. Plus, walks are good for everyone! Find a local park and take some time to explore.
  2. Take a bike ride. Like walks, find a trail, pack a snack and some water, and get going. You’ll feel better after!
  3. Do a mani/pedi at home. Grab some cute polish, and decorate your nails. I love having pretty nails, and it can help you to feel more pulled together on the days where you don’t feel yourself.
  4. Drink water! Grab a cute tumbler cup, and sip all day long. Staying hydrated keeps you feeling good.
  5. Take time for yourself. Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Make sure you are scheduling time for yourself so you can destress and recharge. You can’t pour from an empty cup.
  6. Make sure you’re getting the proper amount of sleep. Again, can’t pour from an empty cup.
  7. Take time for your hobbies. Make sure you make time for the things you love!
  8. Spend time with friends and family. Surrounding yourself with positive people can help to lift you up.
  9. Take a warm bath or shower. Getting cleaned up can seriously help you to feel better.
  10. Understand that some days aren’t going to be amazing, and roll with that. Somedays will be hard, but always understand that there are positive days ahead.

What is your go-to self care technique? Share in the comments below, who knows, it might help someone else out!

If you’re looking to shop for some self care related treats, check out this article of mine!

Have a wonderful and healthy day!