Self Care Items To Boost Mental Health – Mental Health Monday

Happy Mental Health Monday! Another week has passed, and I’m another week closer to my big move! I have one more week with my family, and then at the end of the week, I’ll be back in my little apartment! Due to the fact it’ll likely be pretty stressful, I wanted to share my favorite self care items with you all!

That being said, there are PLENTY of ways to indulge in self care without spending a dime (Check out last weeks Mental Health Monday for all the self care info!). However, I do have tons of items scattered all around me that make self care a little more easy for myself! As a life long anxiety have-er, I know what works for me, and it’s probably going to be different for you! Finding what works for you personally is half the fun with self care.

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Self Care Items – Weighted Blankets

It’s important to me that my home is the most comfortable place for me to be, especially during the school year when the stress is working overtime. I look to my space to be a relaxing oasis to escape in, so being comfortable is key.

The first item that is worth its weight in gold (literally) is a good weighted blanket for your height and weight. This one is pretty affordable! I really love mine and it has made the biggest difference in my sleep and overall life. When you sleep better at night, you feel better. It’s really that simple.

For me, my anxiety (and other’s as well, so I’ve heard) can tend to ramp up at night. You are thinking about the next day at work, all you have to get done, and the stress can catch up with you and keep you from getting that precious sleep you need to actually function properly. When I lay down with my weighted blanket, it feels like a big, comforting hug. I find the peace I need the most, and get the sleep that tends to evade me on the daily. Perfection.

It’s also cool to note that most weighted blankets also have covers that you remove and wash to keep your blanket in tip top shape. Check out the shop where you pick yours out from to see if they have options! Etsy is also a great place to pick one up, lots of shops will customize them for you!

Self Care Items – Lavender Mist

Another thing that makes my nights more peaceful is a lavender pillow spray. Lavender is one of those scents that tends to foster peaceful feelings, so a pillow mist is an awesome way to further immerse yourself in that self care goodness at bedtime. There’s tons of options to choose from (some have chamomile if thats your thing!) and really do help. 

If you’re a DIY kinda person, you can always try to make your own! I personally haven’t made my own yet, but this could be a super fun activity to make your spray more personal and choose which scents are most calming to you!

You can also use it on your blankets, throw pillows and more! Some people like to put their lavender in a diffuser, but I find this to be way more gentle overall.

Self Care Items – Anxiety Balms

These balms have been in my anxiety arsenal for years now! Wild Thera makes a slew of different balms for literally anything you could need, but the stress soothe is a definite favorite of mine! I also have their Goodnight Balm which is super amazing if you have trouble with sleep from time to time. My insomnia can be on the crazy side, and natural solutions are always really great!

Each tin is also really tiny, so its perfect to add to your purse or school bag.  I keep a stress soothe in my bag so I always have mine with me!

I really love to travel with these because at times travel can make me feel on edge. These are tiny for a carry on, and are easy to take with you when you’re on the go. Being all natural, you don’t need to worry about nasty side effects or anything similar while using them. Plus, they smell really yummy!

Do you have any self care items that you love? What are they? Share below!

Happy Monday!



Self Care 101 – What is Self Care? – Mental Health Mondays

As of late, it seems that the idea of self care has become a hot topic. I personally hear just about everyone talking about self care, how it makes them feel, and how important it is to them. But, what exactly is self care? Is it just bubble baths, fancy face masks, and painted nails, or could it be more? For Mental Health Monday, were gonna chat some Self Care 101.

Self Care 101 – So, What Even Is Self Care?

Self care is a routine or action that helps you to take care of you, makes you feel good, and may even alleviate some of the symptoms of mental health issues, like anxiety or depression. Other than that, the definition of self care is incredibly vast; it means something different to just about anyone you talk to. For me personally, I like to soak in a bath or spend some time outside with a book. For some people, it might be taking a nap, or going for a run. You can personalize it as much as you want, to help it best serve you.

The one major misconception is that I had for years was that taking the time for me and what I needed was selfish. Why take the time to rest or do something fun when I had so much work hanging over my head for school? In all reality, the quality of my work was much improved after I had time to recharge and get back on track. The constant work can seriously wear on you if you aren’t careful. Add in anxiety or depression (way more common than you think!) and it can be a recipe for disaster.

Self Care 101 – How to Implement Self Care in Everyday Life

One major misconception that surrounds the idea of self care is that it’s simply taking a bath or using a face mask. While both are lovely ways for some to relax and indulge in self care (myself included!) there are literally thousands of ways to get it in on the daily basis.

For some people, it can be as simple as making sure they get enough water in during the day. They feel better when they’re hydrated (who doesn’t?) so keeping a water bottle near by is a good way for them to practice self care. For you, it might be going for a walk or listening to music. It’s unique to every single person.

If you’re looking to find a good routine for self care, I would suggest starting with the things that make you feel happiest. I like to relax with different skin care and such, but I’m really into makeup so the correlation is there. Hobbies can be a great way to practice self care!

While it seems overly repetitive, only you knows whats best! Finding a new routine is half of the fun though!

What do you do to practice self care? What makes you feel better when stuff gets stressful? Let me know in the comment section below!

Happy Monday! Kill it out there!