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Miscommunications & Happier Days Ahead

My life has changed SUBSTANTIALLY this week. After living gluten free for the last couple months , it came to light that the doctor had not reviewed my tests before going ahead and telling me that it was highly likely I was celiac. Upon looking through the tests, it was really not likely that I was a candidate for celiac. I had one low positive and a negative, and so I decided that I was going to dive back into the gluten filled world head first. And… nothing happened. No illness, no nothing. I felt normal. Whaaat. 

Obviously this was seriously great for me, because I could return to the life that I had known beforehand and my anxiety around food was greatly reduced. I could go out to eat again! Bread! PIZZA!

But, it also was massively disappointing that this had even happened to me. How was it even possible or ethical to tell someone that they were highly likely to have a disease without reviewing the tests? I have no idea. 

I will be clinging to my healthier lifestyle, however, and continuing on my journey with Weight Watchers online. I’m currently down about 14 pounds, and I am so excited for whats to come. Getting back to me is so refreshing and I am feeling so much better now that I’m eating things that are actually nourishing. Yay fruits and veggies!

I am looking forward to sharing my journey with everyone, along with the struggles along the way. 

Much love, 


Chronic Illness on the Bad Days

I try to keep my blog as positive and upbeat as possible. But I also want to make sure that I am being honest and genuine about my experiences, frustrations, and whatever else is irking me in real life. In all reality, there are just some days where having a chronic illness straight up sucks. 

I’ve been living with a chronic illness for years now (hey anxiety disorders!) and I’ve found it to be almost second nature in dealing with them. I’ve had so much time to learn and experiment and find the ways to cope that work best for me, and now with celiac, it’s like being set back to the first page. Somedays can just be more difficult than others. 

I’ve found myself spending some days just trying to come to terms with the fact that many things that I really loved to eat are a thing of the past if I want to heal properly. I know that I can adapt just about anything to be gluten free, but that is work that I’ve never had to do before. It might sound totally lazy, but you take for granted being able to order a pizza or run through the drive through when you don’t feel like having to cook. Now that I cook every night, I find myself eating healthier, which is a definite plus. But, it’s still hard to not want to run out and pick up something easier. I trust that the craving for things will go away sooner or later, but it can seriously weigh on me. 

Any sort of social gathering with food is suddenly so much more pressure than I would have thought. Making things gluten free takes care and vigilance, and when you get together with people who don’t understand how vital it is, it’s too dangerous to just snack on everything. It feels like you’re being forced to be rude to everyone who’s cooked, because you literally cannot eat whatever they’ve prepared, no matter how much you would loooove to indulge. It has social side effects that I never would have expected. 

I know that things are getting better and that soon enough I’ll be totally settled in, but in the mean time, I spend so much time just feeling totally drained. It’ll all pay off in the end when I’m totally healed and healthy again, but for the mean time, I just have to accept the bad days as they come. 

I know that next week will be brighter and more positive, and I’m looking forward to having happier and healthier days, that are just on the horizon. Sometimes you just need to vent it out, and then you can move a little bit more quickly in the right direction.


A Gluten Free 21st

My 21st birthday has come and gone by in a flash! This was my very first birthday living gluten free, and while it was my 21st, I was perfectly content with a nice day in. Unfortunately, I ended up super sick and spent most of my day in bed, with the days following as well. Luckily, I had baked a cake earlier in the week, just to make sure that the mix was good. 

The cake mix that I used was AMAZING! I chose to use Pillsbury brand funfetti white cake mix, as well as the vanilla funfetti icing (also gluten free!). Being fairly new to gluten free baking, I was nervous that it wouldn’t turn out, be too dense, or that I just wouldn’t like it. Gluten free baking tends to be a little trickier to me, and I was just concerned it wouldn’t be good!

I chose to add some pink and purple food coloring to the cake batter just to add a little extra pizazz. I’m pretty much obsessed with anything pink, so I wanted my cake to have some pink color too! It didn’t effect how the cake baked (my father was over concerned about that!) and helped to make it a little bit more special. 

It turned out AMAZING! I would totally recommend this mix to anyone who’s needing to bake a cake, it was delicious, moist, and really similar to a normal cake mix in just about every way. I loved the sprinkles in the mix, and the icing (just as always) was super yummy and sweet. This cake was a total treat for my 21st!

I’m really looking forward to learning more gluten free recipes and I’m excited to share them with you all! I’m starting to see (and believe!) that gluten free baking and cooking can be just as yummy as standard baking, if you take the care to make it so. I am so looking forward to perfecting macarons and might be doing a step by step guide once I get there! Yay!

Have an amazing sunday! 

Love, Em